Tank 3 pro stops working when updating

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Today I received a system update for my tank 3 pro but when I updated and restarted (at the end of the update it asked for a restart), it no longer turned on, it did not display an image, the screen lit up but did not show anything.


any solution? the update was to blame for this

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  1. Hello, I do get the same problem with the 2 brand new TANK PRO 3 I ordered.

    They both stopped working as soon as I updated them… 1600$ down the drain…
    And the tutorial that 8849tech provided just doesn’t help at all.

    Please someone come up with a solution… this is absolutely not tolerable nor professionnal from your part guys.

    PS : Also I’m disappointed because Unihertz/8849 has been my very FAVORITE smartphones brand ever since I discovered the Tank randomly years ago… So PLEASE do something for all of your faithfull customer like me.

    Stay blessed y’all !


    1. Thank you for your support of the TANK series of mobile phones, especially the TANK3 PRO! We are very grateful!

      At the same time, we are very sorry that you encountered such a problem when updating your mobile phone. We have found the cause of this problem and we will push the new OTA again next week. Before that, you only need to roll back the version through wire brushing, so that the screen can be used normally and you will receive the new OTA upgrade next week.

      Line brush tool:

      OTA package:

      Please download the correct file under the correct folder. For example, if you are an EU user, please download the file from the EuropeanUnion_EEA folder.

      If you have any questions, you can reply here or send an email to support@8849tech.com.

  2. MTK has a wonderful tool SP FlashTool_V6, when I get a new phone, the first thing I do is backup the software and only then start the device.
    I got the same white screen on my TANK 2 and the service firmware did not help me restore the phone. After I flash the service firmware (which required the integrity and verification of files), the phone bootloader became locked and the phone was still with a white screen.
    All that helped me – was the backup copy of the software that I made after receiving the device.
    I can’t even imagine what I would do without a backup copy of the software… couldn’t see the “fastboot” and “recovery” menu.

  3. It would be great if these wonderful products of the company had TWRP Recovery or a similar tool on board and were supplied with SSD drives for software backup and data partition.

  4. Hi. Is there any update available now for Tank 3 Pro? My device is Tank 3 Pro. How do i download and install it? Wirelessly through settings of the phone or what? Thanks in advance.

  5. I recieved the OTA update today. Thank you 8849. It went perfectly. No issues whatsoever. It was with System optimization, Camera optimization, Stand by power consumption optimization and more.

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