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tank 3 pro no OTA yet

hey. i have a tank 3 pro stuck on tank3_eea_20231110_20240313-1139. is this the latest? i saw others receiving new firmware.

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Dead Battery

Perfect packaging when arrived, battery was dead, there was no documentation on whether this is standard practice or not. Should I charge it or will

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Hello! Will TANK 2 get a similar upgrade and reach the pro version? With a high-brightness projector and manual focusing, a laser ruler and an

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Hello dear representatives of the company. I am faced with a problem related to the incompatibility (dtbo) of the overlay table from the software of

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firmware up to the latest version

Good afternoon. Please provide the latest verified firmware for TANK2, for installation from local storage. People buy from the store with firmware TANK2_EEA_20230526_20231220-1952, I have

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