Projector not working in Tank 2

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Kazi Masud

1. Projector worked in first few days. Now not working. Did a factory reset, but no improvement. please suggest a solution.

2. Phone gets hot while charging. is it normal to be hot while charging..?

Suggestion: pls add a search option in community page. so that we can search if similar topic already discussed.

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  1. Hello,

    Open the dial-up interface, enter *#*#3377#*#*, click Standalone Test-Projector, and check whether the projection driver is damaged.

    If the test shows success and the projector still does not work after restarting and restoring factory settings, the projection module must be replaced.

    Please click the link:
    Contact the store’s customer service and tell them you want to purchase a projection module.

    It is normal for the phone to occasionally heat up when charging. It is best to use the original charger and charging cable.

    It is recommended that you charge in a cool environment, and do not use the phone all the time while charging.
    You can observe the battery temperature through the following methods.
    Enter Phone app -> input *#*#3377#*#* (or *#3377#)->MM1 ->Single test -> Battery/power slow charge /power fast charge

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