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Hello dear representatives of the company.

I am faced with a problem related to the incompatibility (dtbo) of the overlay table from the software of this device, which are numerous on the network and which is not suitable for my device.


Please give me software that will stop making my phone screen white.

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    1. Hello. Here is the data of my device:
      I have submitted a request and accessed the links before.
      After flashing the individual lk.img and dtbo.img files as well as the full firmware, I get a white screen.

    2. Yes, it worked with the set of drivers that you provided to me.
      adb sideload 2024010510_g88v89c2k_dfl_eea-ota.zip…
      Flashed successfully, my screen is no longer white.

      Thank you very much and good luck with further developments.

  1. This software that you recommend to me is not suitable for my device.
    After the firmware, I get a white screen, but when I get a call, and I hear a ringtone.
    The only thing that helps me is the backup that I did before, otherwise I would have been forced to send the device back.

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