It’s Finally Here: The Ultimate 5G Projection Rugged Smartphone – 8849 TANK3 PRO!

8849 TANK3 PRO Projector phone


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We are excited to introduce you to our latest tech masterpiece – TANK3 PRO! This futuristic smartphone will bring you unprecedented experiences and endless possibilities.

DLP Projection Technology
Firstly, let’s talk about what makes TANK3 PRO unique. It is not just a smartphone, it also comes equipped with DLP projection technology, allowing you to project your content onto any surface, anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s a presentation in a conference room or an outdoor movie night, TANK3 PRO can easily meet your needs.

Dimensity 8200 4nm 5G and WiFi 6
In terms of connectivity, TANK3 PRO uses the latest Dimensity 8200 4nm 5G technology and WiFi 6 technology, providing you with faster data transmission speeds and more stable network connections, letting you enjoy the online world anytime, anywhere.

23800mAh Battery + 120W Super Fast Charging
When it comes to battery life, TANK3 PRO will not disappoint you. With a large 23800mAh battery, coupled with 120W super fast charging technology, you can say goodbye to anxiety and fully enjoy the fun brought by the phone without frequent charging.

32GB (16GB + 16GB expandable RAM)/36GB (18GB + 18GB expandable RAM) + 512GB Storage
For users with high storage requirements, TANK3 PRO provides ample memory space. It has 16/18GB of memory (expandable to 32/36GB via expandable RAM) and 512GB of storage space, allowing you to easily store more photos, videos, and files.

Supports up to 2TB TF Card
In addition, TANK3 PRO also supports the expansion of up to 2TB TF cards, making your storage space infinitely expandable, and easily handling various demands.

200MP AI Main Camera + 64MP Night Vision Camera
In terms of shooting, TANK3 PRO has superior photography abilities. It is equipped with a 200MP AI main camera and a 64MP night vision camera, capturing clear and detailed images whether it’s daily shooting or nighttime photography.

6.79 inch FHD 120Hz Screen
To provide a more stunning visual experience, TANK3 PRO is equipped with a 6.79-inch FHD screen, supporting a refresh rate of 120Hz, allowing you to enjoy smooth and clear images in movies and games.

Camping Light & Red and Blue Light
Lastly, TANK3 PRO also has practical features – a camping light and red and blue light. Not only does it provide convenient lighting when you are camping outdoors, but the red and blue light can also be used on special occasions, adding more fun to your life.

In summary, TANK3 PRO is not just a powerful smartphone, but also a star product leading the tech trend. Whether it’s work, entertainment, or life, it can provide you with all-round support and endless possibilities.

Exciting news! TANK3 PRO will be available for pre-order at our AliExpress 8849 official store starting on March 8th. To make the transaction smoother, we are offering a $50 discount for all pre-orders.

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