New Update Is Available for 8849 Tank!

8849 tank


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Tank users, rejoice!

The latest security patch has already been released, bringing a host of bug fixes and improvements. To ensure that your device is running smoothly and securely, make sure to install the security patch as soon as possible.

The new update for Tank is now available, you can upgrade your device via “Settings->About Phone->Wireless Update”

Please find the detailed update information below:

1. Solve the problem of no display after restarting the phone in bedtime mode

2. Solve the problem that the main camera will flicker in the dark environment

3. Solve the problem of the dark macro camera recording

4. Solve the problem of probabilistic echo in hands-free calls after restarting

5. Solve the problem that the speaker makes noise in dialing when the phone volume key is on

6. Optimize charging efficiency and power display

7. Solve the problem of automatic touch on some phones

*Please restart the phone two times after the upgrade is successful

If you don’t receive push updates, you can get them via OTA files on Google Drive. Please back up your data before upgrading. “Try again” may appear, requiring a factory reset.

For local updates, please follow the steps below:
Step 1: Please download the files in the link, please download the .zip compressed package and copy it directly to the internal storage of the phone. Any directory on the phone storage is OK.

Step 2: Do the OTA upgrade according to the requirements of the guide document.

<Phone upgrade from Internal Storage in normal mode New.pdf>

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